6 Foods You Can Eat to Amp Up Your Sex Life

I’m sure we’ve all heard the age old saying, “you are what you eat”. You may have heard about the common ones like seafood but did you know there are far less expensive and more commonly found in your grocery store? These foods have the potential to not only increase your libido and enhance your sexual performance. Plus, all of these foods have health benefits outside of the bedroom as well, so it’s a win-win!



Avocados are rich in good fats, they are much the same as the effect that fish works in your body. Those good fats will nourish the testes and the female genitalia. Increased blood flow and great blood pressure keeps the drive high.


Yes, they can be a little expensive but, there are so many outlets that sell them in bulk and make them more affordable. They are worth their price in gold actually and you can carry just  a handful each day with lunch or for a snack.It doesn’t take much to reap the benefits.Almonds of any kind in snacks are one of the best libido boosting snack foods you can have. Grab a handful a day or at least several times a week and you’ll improve sexual stamina and your overall health.


Strawberries are the best seasonal fruit you can get the right amount of vitamin C and for those that want to get pregnant, this is a great thing for male sperm health!


First of all, Oysters have always been highly regarded by health advocates as one of the number one aphrodisiacs. They are not only excellent at getting your “engine running”, so to speak, but they are also a superfood for your overall health too. And this is one of the only foods that get a thumbs up from the allopathic and holistic medical community. Overall, while oysters may not be the most attractive foods in the world visually but the sexual health benefits are well worth it!


Yes, salad is great even for sex. There is no fault that we can find in the leafy greens. How does Arugula help with your sex life? Well, as you probably already know, a large number of toxins tend to find their way into our bodies. These toxins can ultimately lead to unhealthy consequences. Arugula, most notably can be thought of as a sponge that can absorb the toxins from your body. Furthermore, these everyday pollutants are harmful to your sex drive. And just a simple salad with arugula can go a long way!


This is one superfood that will keep your libido ready to go. All the vitamins and minerals that are essential for sex and a slim waistline. 

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