13 Adorable Date Night Ideas for Couples

Date nights are important to a healthy relationship and can be life-changing. However, coming up with a mind-blowing date night idea can be difficult. Let alone coming up with quarantine date night ideas or double date night ideas. The dates, below, are intended to work on various aspects of your relationship and deepen your connection. So, your perfect date could be just a scroll away!

Super Fun Date Night Ideas

Rock climbing is a super Fun Date Night Idea for couples

Indoor Rock Climbing

Never been rock climbing with a date? Bumble has an excellent guide to get you going in the right direction.

Ice Skating Date

Get ready to harness your inner Blades of Glory! JK! In fact, it’s probably best to stick to a nice and slow, hand-holding pace (think couples skate from when you were a kid). 

Take a class together

Maybe even try something new! If you’re stumped on local classes to check out, Amber Oliver, of allwomenstalk.com, compiled a great list of classes that you can take with bae:

  • Mixology Class
  • Dancing Class
  • Cooking Class
  • Art or Crafting Class
  • Improv Class

Scavenger Hunt

Involve your SO in planning this one or keep it a complete surprise: List and map out local places where some of your favorite memories happened.  Then, on your date night, follow the map together to relive some of those presh moments. 

Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Romantic couple in love eating ice cream together and watching tv

Food Delivery

Whether you try a new restaurant or stick to one of your favs, having food brought to your doorstep is the bomb-diggity.  Don’t forget to check out services like Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats to broaden your delivery options. And don’t forget dessert!

DIY Wine & Canvas Date Night Idea

The perfect at home date night idea for creative couples! Pick up a few paint supplies, set up a couple of canvases at home and don’t forget the wine! Don’t be nervous if you have never tried Wine & Canvas, the concept is really quite simple. And most of all fun!  If you need further setup assistance, online “How To” videos can be a great place to start.

Cook Dinner Together

If you are at least a decent cook, try cooking their favorite meal. You can decide whether you want to cook the meal together or if you want to surprise! Maybe try to include ingredients that are aphrodisiacs.

Binge a New Show

Literally Netflix and Chill (Hulu and other streaming providers will work just fine too.) Choose a show, or docu-series, that you have been meaning to watch. Pro Tip: Taking conversation breaks between episodes can make the experience more meaningful and personal.

Traditional Date Night Ideas

Couple at a romantic dinner with wine

Dinner & Movie

This has been the bread and butter of dating for decades.  To shake things up, try pairing the movie type with a restaurant. It can be tricky, but this guide will help!

Couples Massage

There may not be anything more romantic and sensual than a rub-down.  Groupon frequently features couples’ massage deals available in your local area. As an alternative, you could try massage at home. Getting new massage oil or looking up techniques to release tension is a surefire way to pamper and help your baby relax. Who knows? Maybe she’ll even return the favor!

Take a Walk Together

You could look up nearby trails or try taking your fur babies along. It doesn’t have to be a romantic walk on the beach or anything crazy. Walking anywhere together can give you time away from distractions and provide the opportunity for a meaningful conversation with your sweetie.

Double Date Night Ideas

2 couples playing Jenga as the perfect double date night idea.

Host Game Night

Game nights are a beloved double date night idea. It’s a terrific way to spend time having a friendly competition with another couple. The steps are pretty simple. First, get in touch with another couple and offer to host game night. You can make dinner for everyone, but it does have the potential to create added stress on the evening.

So, just keep it simple by having finger foods, snacks and drinks. Sometimes the most difficult aspect of couples game night can be choosing the best game to play. If you are like me, you may not have an abundant collection of board or card games. Solution? Just encourage everyone to bring their favorites games and have the group decide which to play. Here’s some inspiration!

DIY Escape Room Date Night Idea

This double date night idea will require a little more planning but is well worth it. You probably have heard or even experienced an Escape Room but you probably have never played from home. Nor thought it was even possible. Well, it most certainly is with DIY Escape Room Date Night. Just download the game here and away you go. 😀

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