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couple on park bench

Sex Over 40 | Life has Just Begun

With the advent of sex enhancing drugs and other like options—sex over 40 is not over. In fact, for ladies between ages 40 and 45 it’s great because, they’re still in their prime when it comes to sex-drive.  There are; however, many factors that contribute to the loss of that drive in both males and females. Today, these factors override our natural state of being so much so, that it seems the norm. The fact is-it’s nowhere near the norm. But, the reality is, until we learn to manage our lifestyles and perceptions, we will have to either live with below-par sexual health or, resort to chemical treatments that may well not be worth the associated health risks.

Factors that affect sex drive in woman over 40

There are many things going on in the body of both sexes after 40. For a long time, women’s changes were the most commonly known. This is mainly due to pregnancy in women and their menstrual cycle.  The symptoms are pretty noticeable and the stereotypes are out there, no thanks to the media.

The way to really understand the female body is to know why it goes through the rigors that it does. A woman is a reproductive machine. Her body prepares for it regardless if she has children or can even conceive in the first place. Society places moral laws on when a girl can begin to conceive. But, the typical time for a girl to start her menstrual period is only 16 and some start in the pre-teen years. The same uncertainty is true for menopause.  

She can begin pre-menopause at the age of 30 just as well as the age of 50. There is no certain age for any of it. So, since the boost in sex-drive a woman gets when she is still ovulating is ruled by these hormones—she may lose her interest younger than 40. She may, in-turn, also stay quite the creature of desire well into her 60’s and a bit beyond. Yes, there are plenty of women still getting a period—even if it isn’t that regular in their late 50’s and early 60’s.

Advice on jumping those hormonal hurdles

The good news is, she can track her sex drive according to her own body. All she has to remember to do or not do is the following.


  • pay attention to the myths.
  • listen to everything her girlfriends say
  • pay too close attention to the genetics or what her family went through


  • connect with her own body
  • keep a feminine journal to track periods and their relation to sex drive. She may actually see a pattern emerge.
  • discuss any changes with her doctor whether she is holistically minded or she is into traditional medical care
  • Get treatment whether natural or pharmaceutical for symptoms of pre-menopause or menopause that effect the sex life. Vaginal dryness and moodiness are two examples.

Factors that affect sex drive in men over 40

Today, you see and hear more about male sexual health than ever before. Viagra is a household name. This, in and of itself has its up-side and down-side. These drugs are not the best for the health apart from its purpose. There is plenty out there that is natural and will also treat the core reasons for the sexual dysfunction.

When we look at the male and female roles today, we can see that while the role of the female has gotten much more complex, the role the male plays hasn’t gotten softer. This means, that stress and bad diet play a huge part in sexual function.  We haven’t been taught the correct way to look at this so, we will explain here.

Somehow, we’ve got the idea that hormones make the mood and decrease the sexual desire. But, it’s a two-edged sword. Stress and life changes will, in fact, effect hormones and cause the imbalance. So, it’s 6 and ½ dozen of the other. You have to take care of your health in order to not throw your body off. And that brings us to the next part of it all.

Some men are suffering because they take too good care of their bodies. At least they think they are. Kudos to all those men that wake up at 5am and run 5 miles; however, this is part of the cause. Men who are very active with their cardio, especially running and biking tend to experience a lower testosterone level than those who do not. And, can even experience low-T more than an overweight inactive male. To be fair though, there are studies that seem to argue both myth and truth. You can start following some of those studies here.

Overall, the body is in need of balance and is a fantastic machine that knows exactly what it needs to do to compensate for health issues that crop up. Sexual health is one of those areas that is such an individual process. It takes personal vigilance to discover what your body is telling you about how it deals with adjustments.

Tips for a better sex drive for both sexes

  • Maintain your optimal weight
  • Don’t drink excessive alcohol
  • Don’t take drugs
  • Exercise moderately but not excessively
  • Develop a solid plan to manage stress
  • Take time with your partner to make love as often as possible

Just a note on number 6. This means touching and things that do not include intercourse. You would be surprised the bond that you form. This will also spontaneously cause intercourse to happen more frequently because it’s not expected. Sex is psychological and the sooner you get out of your body and into your headspace—the better. 

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