How To Maintain Your Intimacy During Social Distancing

If you’re anything like me (and likely millions of other Americans), you may still be adjusting to the protocols put in place to slow the transmission rate of the COVID-19 virus. Many professionals are being required to work remotely. And with schools being closed too, parents are experiencing a crazy amount of pressure to keep their kids “on track” and help make up for the time they aren’t able to spend in the classroom.

Homelife, including the mundane everyday activities has been thrown for a major loop! Constantly changing schedules decreases the ability you and your family have to plan for the future. With all of this going on, some days all you can do is try to keep your head above water! 

Plan Ahead for “You & Me” Time

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With everyone jammed into one space, it’s easy to see how frustration between you and your partner can increase so dramatically so quickly. In order for you to grow closer together during this social distancing, it is absolutely vital to make plans and spend quality time with JUST each other. And don’t flake on the plans you make either!

Planning stuff together allows for a certain amount of accountability that you’ll both do WHATEVER you have to to make it happen. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to, which is fun!

DIY Erotic Massage

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Giving your partner a massage has not only physical benefits, but sexual ones as well! Especially when it’s an erotic massage! You might be surprised how easily you can accomplish this activity with just a few supplies and a little planning ahead! Here’s a general example that you can follow to set the mood:

  1. Lay a comfy towel or blanket down to protect whatever surface from unwanted oil stains.
  2. Set the scene with candles (SAFETY FIRST! Please don’t burn your house down!)
  3. Find and quietly play music (I personally recommend a spa playlist!) to set the ultimate romantic and relaxing mood.
  4. Make sure to grab your favorite lotion or massage oil. Bonus if it’s edible or includes pheromones!
  5. Have your partner lay down on the comfy towel or blankie from Step 1 (Clothing is optional!)
  6. Rub them down from head to toe, and don’t forget to have him/her turn over! Remember: TAKE YOUR TIME ! Exchanging slow, romantic massages can enhance your time together and increase the level of intimacy you share.

Have a Stay At Home Date Night

In order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many regular date night spots like restaurants, bars, or movie theaters have been forced to temporarily close. With the shutdowns being “for the foreseeable future,” you may think that a date night with bae just isn’t possible or plausible. Well, it is! You can still connect with your partner even if you’re staying in for a date night at home.

Need ideas? Any of the following can be accomplished by using a few household items or supplies that you already have sitting around:

  • Cook A Meal Together
  • Game Night for Two
  • Couples Yoga
  • DIY Wine & Canvas
  • Spa Night for Two

Pro TipQuarantined with your kids? Just make sure you plan out alone time together, maybe after the kids go to bed?

Watch Porn Together

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Say what now? Yep, we said it! While this may seem like a stretch for some couples, the truth is that there are many positive benefits to watching porn together. It can open up conversation that helps to alleviate any of the awkwardness that can be associated with sex and porn. If nothing else, you can learn each other’s turn-ons and fantasies. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even pick up a new move or two!

But i’ve never watched porn with another person!”

So maybe watching porn with your significant other isn’t something you’ve ever done..or even considered. If that’s the case, it’s best to start with communication. Get your partner’s view on porn and ask if watching with you is something he/she might be interested in. You could try taking turns choosing videos so that neither of you feels too vulnerable. For real!

As long as you guys are able to push through the initial awkwardness, there is no better way to gain insight into your partner’s fantasies and get ideas for new things to try than by watching a little porn together.

One final note about watching porn with your SO: Make sure that there is no judgement on either of your parts. Both of you should be constantly communicating. It is important to be honest should anything come up that either of you is uncomfortable with! 

Maintaining a mutual respect while you learn each other’s “porn thresholds” is the only way to ensure that the experience is positive for you both. Don’t take it too seriously- take your time and most importantly, have fun!

Infographic with 4 ways to still have great sex life during social distancing.


No matter which activity you decide to try, the point is just to be together. Communicate honestly and openly with each other. Taking the time to plan and follow through with activities together is the only way to make it through the pandemic panic with your love and come out a stronger couple on the other side.

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