• Liberator Black Label Wedge & Cuff Kit

Liberator Black Label Wedge & Cuff Kit

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Product Type: Pillows
The ultimate in pleasure now has a kinky twist! The Black Label Wedge provides every benefit of the original Wedge, but with the added option of playful restraint. Cuffed to this shape, you will have a playground that only restrains your partner, not your passion. The Black Label version of the popular Wedge gives you the opportunity to tie down your partner and explore the restraining arts with the included microfiber cuffs and blindfold. The subtle slope and firmness of the Wedge is ideal for providing support and lift for missionary and sensational oral. It also makes new positions easier and more satisfying by deepening the angle of penetration to heighten sensation and reach the G-spot. Plus, use it as a fulcrum point under knees to add power to your pelvic thrusts. The black microfiber cover is removable and machine washable, and includes a moisture resistant poly-nylon inner liner. Care instructions for cover: machine wash with cold water, tumble dry on low heat. 27 degree angled positioning pillow perfect for deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation Creates better access for missionary and anal sex and allows for prolonged oral sex sessions as well Includes microfiber wrist cuffs and blindfold for bondage and playful restraint Crafted from high-density foam that supports the body and prevents sinking into the bed Soft microfiber cover feels soft against bare skin and is removable and machine-washable Product Dimensions (cm): 61L x 36W x 18H
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