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No Energy for Sex? Here’s what to do

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Every once and awhile we get tired. Maybe there are too many things going on in life, maybe we have kids, school or other things that happen with life. But, when the sex drive dives there can be a lot of reasons for it. Below are a few solutions you may want to try.

Change Diet

If you are consuming too much sugar and caffeine then you should be aware that the impending crash will take your libido down with it.


Exercise is the best way to get the blood moving and the energy back on track. Just a bit each day, you don’t have to be a gym junkie.


Make sure sleep is a priority and get to bed at a decent hour. No one says it has to be a complete eight but the majority of hours you are asleep should be uninterrupted.

Find a Babysitter

If you have kids, find a trustworthy person, maybe even another mom to watch the kids for a couple hours in the week. Take a bubble bath or go for a jog. Whatever floats your boat is what you need to do and you won’t feel like you want to get away from your partner when sex time begins.

Test the emotional waters

Take a week to thirty days and track your moods. If you are female, you may want to track it with your cycle too. It may be that as we get older, our hormones change and the sex drive is effected. For men, it may be a sign of low testosterone which you may want to check with a doctor.

Reduce your Schedule

It may just be time to take a candid look at your schedule and strike one thing , just one task that you can do without or delegate to someone else for a change. This doesn’t sound like much but, it certainly does quite a lot and makes a difference. Also, try to slow down the multitasking. Men tend to be better than women at this. Women, try to focus on one thing at a time a bit better so you are on slow and not fast burn.

Get the kids out of the bedroom

There comes a time in the lives of every parent that you kick the kids out of the bedroom and make certain this becomes your love nest again.


Delegate Chores

Make sure everyone has a chore list, even giving up one thing a day will do your body good.

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Filomena is a paranormal/spiritual writer, artist, author and now radio-show host, with over 30 years of metaphysical study. She's a practicing Vedic Astrologer and a master Tarot reader and worked in places like Brighid’s Well in Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp.  With a wealth of business experience in the way of digital and traditional marketing, Filomena has written books and courses on the subject to help those who want to prosper in their spiritual businesses.

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