Can You Get Coronavirus From Sex?

It is an understatement to say that COVID-19 has impacted our lives more than we ever thought possible. We find ourselves questioning the overall safety of what we consider to be simple, everyday tasks. The truth is that we are living in unprecedented times. As a society, we now know how easily the coronavirus spreads and are adapting how we go about our days in public space. But what about at home? More importantly, can you contract the coronavirus from having sex? Can you get coronavirus from oral sex? What about Coronavirus semen?Let’s find out.

How easily does Coronavirus spread?

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Short Answer: Very easily. It’s highly contagious. The Coronavirus spreads through an affected person’s respiratory droplets.

Let’s start with the basics. As we continue to study the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), there seems to be a steady stream of ever-changing information about how we spread and catch the virus. But what we definitely know is that the virus is highly contagious when in the close proximity of someone who has contracted the virus. The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends 14 days of self-quarantine after being within 6-feet of an affected person for 15 minutes, or more.

One super simple method, that COVID-19 uses to spread, is through the expelling of the respiratory droplets of an affected person. Yea, it’s that easy. When a sick person does something as simple as coughing, sneezing or even simply talking, they spread the virus. The scary thing is that some people with the virus show little to no symptoms but can still spread it.

Is it safe to have sex during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Short Answer: Yes, but you gotta be smart.

Sex is one of the most intimate aspects to being a human being. COVID-19 is making safe intimacy far more difficult, but not impossible! It’s important to take your sexual wellness seriously, especially during a Pandemic. Below are some suggestions you can consider that can greatly reduce the risk of transmission.


  • have sex with multiple partners.
  • share sex toys.
  • have sex with someone you don’t trust is practicing safe social distancing.
  • limit, or even avoid, kissing. (Some experts do actually recommend wearing a mask during sex. It does seem like a bit much for sex TBH but better safe than sorry!)


  • wear a condom, or dental dam.
  • wash your hands before & after sex.
  • take a post-sex shower.
  • wash your sex toys.

What if I live with my partner?

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Short Answer: Well, yes and no.

When it comes to having the safest sex possible during the Pandemic, getting down and dirty with someone under the same roof is high up on the list. But keep in mind that the risk increases substantially if either partner is lax on the social distancing measures. If one or both of you are not practicing social distancing while going out into the public, then being intimate will only increase the chance of transmission.

Can you get coronavirus from oral sex?

Can you get coronavirus from oral sex?
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Short Answer: Well, yes and no.

Regardless of gender, couples all over the United States have regular oral sex. In many cases going down on someone can add an even deeper level of intimacy for both partners. However, during Pandemic times, spreading your saliva anywhere is dangerous and will likely lead to it spreading.

When it comes to couples in a relationship, the same rule applies for oral sex that did for intercourse: if either of you have not practiced good social distancing, then you probably should not have oral sex. On the flip side, if you and your partner have been a boss about wearing masks and staying 6-feet or more from others, then oral sex should be okay. Just remember to wash your hands before and after playing with each other. Or after you finish, just jump in the shower together!

Have they found Coronavirus in semen?

Is there coronavirus in semen?
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Short Answer: Yes, but not the infectious components. Overall more research is needed.

As of today, there is no definitive evidence that COVID-19 is spread through semen or vaginal fluids. However, traces of the virus have been discovered both in the semen of men who actively have the virus and in those who are in the recovery phase. While it’s not fully known whether transmission can happen from semen alone, its overall best to proceed with caution. In addition, if you do not normally use a condom, this might be a good time to start.

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