Best Christmas Gifts Boxes for Couples

Let's Both Be On The Naughty List.

Save Santa The Trip.
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Fadoodle Box Features

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Guaranteed Delivery Before Christmas

Orders must be placed by Dec. 12, 2020. Don't wait until the last minute. But if you do, we got you!

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Free Shipping

Christmas can be expensive AF. So we try to help where we can.

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Discreet Packaging

Only discreet shipping methods are used to keep it 100% confidential.

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Unique Christmas Gifts for Couples

This year choose something tantalizingly naughty.

What's In Our Couples Christmas Gift Boxes?

What gifts for couples will I get?

It's a Surprise! Sorry not sorry.

Your Fadoodle Box will be curated with sultry surprises, following a "Naughty Christmas" theme! Examples of what you’ll find include: pleasure enhancement lubes & lotions, sex toys for couples, lingerie, books & games, or other miscellaneous fun items.

High Quality Couples Sex Toys

At Fadoodle Box, we have an unyielding commitment to quality. We use the Quality over Quantity model when selecting each and every product in our boxes. And we are not just a random “grab bag” of cheap sex toys. Honestly, you can get that at your local adult store. We won’t send you crappy products. Or brands. Period.

Christmas Boxes

Deck My Halls

Christmas Partner Box


Christmas time is super busy + stressful. We get the perfect gifts for others but forget to treat ourselves. Not this year!

The Christmas Fadoodle Box is carefully curated with high quality sex toys for couples, as well as other sultry surprises for you & your partner. No matter which one of you purchase the box, it’s intended to be shared as mutually beneficial gift that will result in anything but a “Silent Night”.

Jingle My Bells

Christmas Partner Box - Luxe Edition



Baby it’s cold outside, but it’s about to get all hot up in here! The Luxe Edition is similar to the Christmas Partner Box but has a little more spice. It’s intended for couples who are serious about increasing intimacy & prioritizing pleasure.

You will get a few all of the surprises as the Christmas Partner Box, as well as some additional items that will keep you both singing “Fa-La-La” all night long.

Valentine's Day Boxes

Valentine's Day Date Night


This box will help take things to the next level!  Includes at least 1 adult toy + a few other luxury item surprises for your special night. 

Valentine's Day Date Night - Luxe Edition


Only the top, high quality surprises are included in this box, giving you the most bang for your buck!

Surprises Delivered Monthly

Get the best subscription boxes for couples monthly and take date night to the next level!

Black Friday Deals

Be sure to check out our Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals!