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They say money can’t buy happiness, but it’s still awesome to have & enhances your life in a ton of ways. You can buy stuff, pay bills, go on trips, support charitable causes, and…well, you get the picture. But when you’re in a serious relationship with another person, money will inevitably become a factor as your connection further develops. This is especially true if you decide to shack up and share bills! Waiting until marriage to combine money is common, but others choose to merge finances much sooner in the relationship. Money chats can be difficult because they put two important components of a healthy relationship to the test: communication and conflict resolution.

If you have already made the leap to merge your moolah with somebody else, you may already know the challenges ahead. But if not, you can probably imagine how far the transition to sharing your finances, bills, and bank account info can push you outside your comfort level. Afterall, there’s a reason that finances/financial troubles is a leading cause of divorce here in the ole U.S. of A. In fact, lists money as the #2 most common factor that can lead to divorce! Yikes!

So, here you are. You’re ready to take that next step with your partner but don’t want to rock the boat, let alone sink the damn thing in the process. What on earth is a person to do? Enter our couples app of the month, Honeydue.

Honeydue is a mobile app designed to reduce the amount of stress & miscommunications that couples often have about their finances. Honeydue is available to be downloaded, FOR FREE, on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Market.


“Outsmart money, together”

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Fadoodle’s Favorite Features

Helps Couples Can Stay on the Same Page about Finances

Stay up-to-date with each and every of your financial institutions in one singular place. This includes bank accounts, loans, investments, and more.

Bill Reminders

Anyone who has paid a late fee or overdraft penalty will attests to the fact that these charges simply just suck. Honeydue has an excellent bill reminder feature, which includes an interactive and color-coded calendar.

Also, you can customize your reminders based on who you want to recieve notifications (you, your partner, or both of you). You can also declare how many days prior to the due date that you want the Honeydue App to send your bill reminder(s).

Joint Banking

This is an optional feature but a great choice if you and your partner want to share a joint banking account. You may or may not already have a joint account but regardless, this is a good option, or alternative. Maybe use this account to pay your shared expenses, such as utilities, car payments, rent, etc.

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