Real Couples Talk: How Phubbing Could Be Hurting Your Relationship

Couple on phones ignoring each other

Picture this, you just had a productive day at work and just an all-around good day!  You can’t wait to rush home and tell your sweetie all the deets. A little later that night, you are on the couch when they ask, “How was your day?”.  As you start to get into your story you … Read more

6 of the Best Couples Subscription Boxes

Couples playing with woman's hair

It’s 2019, so it’s inevitable that you and your SO will have periods of time that look like this: you guys are together, but you aren’t talking to each other much because you’re both more focused on whatever is on the screen in front of your face (texts, a random list of hilarious memes, an … Read more

Real Couples Talk: Technology Creates New Challenges In Relationships

Significant Other Caught Texting Someone Else

A few Saturday’s ago, my girlfriend and I were hanging around our apartment, enjoying a relaxing Netflix & Chill vibe. It is typical (as I would assume it is for most cohabiting or “serious” couples), for both of us to be on and off our phones throughout the evening. Over the course of our relationship, … Read more

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