How To Maintain Your Intimacy During Social Distancing

If you’re anything like me (and likely millions of other Americans), you may still be adjusting to the protocols put in place to slow the transmission rate of the COVID-19 virus. Many professionals are being required to work remotely. And with schools being closed too, parents are experiencing a crazy amount of pressure to keep … Read more

Real Couples Talk: How Phubbing Could Be Hurting Your Relationship

Couple on phones ignoring each other

Picture this, you just had a productive day at work and just an all-around good day!  You can’t wait to rush home and tell your sweetie all the deets. A little later that night, you are on the couch when they ask, “How was your day?”.  As you start to get into your story you … Read more

Real Couples Talk: Technology Creates New Challenges In Relationships

Significant Other Caught Texting Someone Else

A few Saturday’s ago, my girlfriend and I were hanging around our apartment, enjoying a relaxing Netflix & Chill vibe. It is typical (as I would assume it is for most cohabiting or “serious” couples), for both of us to be on and off our phones throughout the evening. Over the course of our relationship, … Read more

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