• 6 Reasons why Transitioning from Female to Male is so Damn Complicated

6 Reasons why Transitioning from Female to Male is so Damn Complicated

Phyllis Kentleton on
6 Reasons why Transitioning from  Female to Male is so Damn  Complicated

Reason 1: Boobs

Simply put, women have a lot that men don’t.  For one, we have boobs!  Now, if you

can afford it, get a serious breast reduction first if they are too large to put ace bandages

or a sports bra that’s 3 sizes too small to restrict those puppies. Besides, doing things

like that can mess with lymph flow and are a contributor to diseases and cancer.

Reason 2: The Care Package

Yes, your new dick is fabulous thing but remember, nature didn’t give

us gals a just in case space to put it in and hold it tight to our bodies. You have to get an

insert like the Pee Cock that will actually allow you to pee and has the capability for

mock erection.

Reason 3: Dating

It’s pretty grim but you’ll get used to the effort and the stuff you’ve got to do to go

round it. You see, the gay community can be just as cruel as the straight community.

There is so much discrimination because of what people think is right and proper. Yes, if

straight people knew what we go through, just in our effort to find a loving relationship

they would be astonished. Sometimes I think it seems that people see the LGBTQ

community as one big happy family and it’s not, especially for transgendered. We have

to carefully sort out who we can date according to the preferences of others and often

not our own. So, we end up typically in abusive relationships for fear of being alone.

Reason 4: Surgery

Yup, the way you look is more complicated. It’s not as if you can just do boob

implants and pack the package a bit tighter, you have to get things ripped off and turnt

yeah I said turnt right inside out man… and with the insurance scams around there are

some butchers that wouldn’t think twice about it.

Reason 5: Clothing

Now, we get to the simple shit like dressing yourself each day. Lord have

mercy, it’s a bitch trying to dress to look like something other than the way you woke up.

Women, even on the thinnest level, have curves and these need to go in a trans man’s


Reason 6: Society

This, may not be the country of choice for you. I hate to say it but even in nearby

countries like Canada you get treated more like a prostitute by physicians. If you end up

somewhere like South Korea you are only OK if you are a trans woman– go figure BUT

in the Czek Republic you can be who you want and do what you want and everything is



So, yes this lifestyle is really the most challenging according to so many out there. But, with the

right community, country or sphere of influence there is a chance at a happy life.

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