What you should Eat in your 20’s

In your 20’s your body, in some ways is still developing. Hormones are shifting at different stages of this delicate decade and so is your health. You have needs that are different in the early years than you would need closer to 30. Here are a few things you should know about the foods that are targeted to the person in their 20’s.

  • Potassium bearing food: And believe it or not, the sweet potato is not as potent as the banana. Nope, a half a sweet potato a day can do the trick or a whole one 3 days a week. You can eat it in any form you choose and save the banana for in-between.
  • Beef that is grass fed: They are poten iron bearing foods that both sexes can’t live without. If you’re pregnant, even better. Just be sure it is grass-fed and non hormonal.
  • Nuts: Nuts are great for everyone in any variety provided there is no allergy. But walnuts are the ones best suited for 20 something people for those great feeling chemicals that ward off depression.
  • D vitamins: Healthy strong bones and teeth as well as a healthy nervous systems are the order of the day. This can be found in milk but of course be smart about it and buy only hormone-free organic.
  • Beans, Beans, Beans! Yes they have a bad rep for gassy content but white navy beans are best and are packed with at least five nutrients that 20 somethings need.

How you should eat in your 20’s

A 20 something is developing their body systems and they are still trying to find that delicate balance. This means blood glucose and hormones need to be kept at a level that will tell the brain to keep it there. When a diet is full of too much sugar, too much or too little fat etc, this can cause a predisposition to diabetes and obesity along with heart disease, stroke, asthma and a plethora of other ailments and disorders. Eating several small meals with healthy snacks a day is best.  Overall, we recommend at least paying attention to what you put in your body. Also, remember that your sexual appetite, your libido in particular, is greatly inpacted by the decisions you make for your hunger appetite. 

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