What are sex toys made of?

This week, we’re going to follow up on some information on the material that the majority of sex toys, that we include in our boxes, are comprised of. We constantly get questions about the vast materials they are made of and what may be best for different situations. Some products may be best for solo play, such as the the Fleshlight or bullet vibrators, while others, including strap-on dildos, may be perfect for partner play.  The ladder is a personal choice but we can lend some knowledge and you know that’s power.

Sex Toy Materials

There are 7 basic types of material the modern sex toy is made from – listed below.


This is one of the most popular for those who like a rigid feel but smooth. It can be warmed or cooled and it compatible with all lubricants.

Jelly Rubber

First let us say that not all jelly rubber contain phthalates. This is the chemical that is used to soften the rubber. These are soft and pliable and come in a variety of subdued and bright colors. You can use both water and silicone lubes.


Latex is used to make inflatables mostly. This is because of the elasticity in the latex. You can also use this with silicone and water-based lube.


Stainless steel to be exact and can be used with any lube at all, washes well with soap and water just like the glass ones. But, this, just as the glass, may not be for everyone. It’s heavy but those who love pressure would enjoy it thoroughly.


This material is also rigid and can be used with water-based and silicone lubes. But, it is a softer, smoother feel than the glass or the metal.Realistic Feel

This is a broad inventory of sex toys that are made to look and feel as natural as the parts they represent such as the Fleshlight. They are only compatible with water-based lubes. This is due to the delicate nature of the material that may break down if used with a chemically-based lube.


This is fast becoming the most popular choice for sex toys as it feels fantastic can be shaped into anything and it flexible. It also lasts a very long time. Just note, that because of the nature of the material, only water-based lubes may be used.


As you can tell, we have most, if not all of these so be adventurous and see what works for you.  Everyone has a fave. Have one already? Tell us about it in the comments, share your experiences.

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