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Sexual Wellness: Why It’s Important and How to Improve It

If you aren’t entirely clear on what sexual wellness means, don’t worry – you’re not alone.  It’s not exactly something that often comes up at the dinner table or in the breakroom (although that would be pretty amazing if it did!). Sexual wellness isn’t yet a mainstream concept that is widely discussed.  Sexual wellness contributes … Read more

Couple opening gift on a video call with friends.

10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

It’s time to kick Santa’s ass. At gift giving that is. As Christmas 2020 approaches, your blood pressure has probably already starting to increase. Along with your stress level. It’s often difficult to pick the perfect gift for a loved one, let alone a combined gift for 2 people. Whether you are seeking gift ideas … Read more

Couple kissing with face masks on

Can You Get Coronavirus From Sex?

It is an understatement to say that COVID-19 has impacted our lives more than we ever thought possible. We find ourselves questioning the overall safety of what we consider to be simple, everyday tasks. The truth is that we are living in unprecedented times. As a society, we now know how easily the coronavirus spreads … Read more

Couple cooking and laughing

Stuck Inside? | 6 Quarantine Date Night Ideas

The pandemic panic over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought many aspects of normal life to a screeching halt. As more and more businesses have begun shutting their doors, more and more people staying home. Simply put, traditional date night ideas like restaurants, bars, or movie theaters are more difficult to accomplish right now. With that … Read more