We strive to create a unique experience, by helping couples connect deeply on emotional, mental and physical  levels.

Commitment to Sexual Health

Our commitment to Health & Wellness starts with not underestimating how significant of an impact sexual health can have on your overall wellness. We focus on not just the physical act but the sexual wellness aspects surrounding sex. These are often avoided because of embarrassment, but we want to open up the conversation because it ultimately leads to a happier life.

Strengthen Relationships

Shared experiences lead to a greater level of intimacy. We hope that couples look forward to each Fadoodle Box because of the potential for fun (the heavy breathing, toe-curling kind) that each box holds. We focus on creating an experience that is both exciting, fulfilling, and allows our members to escape every day stressors.  

Unparalleled Value

We consistently balance the quality & quantity of items in each Fadoodle Box while keeping your shared experiences as a focus. Rather than just sending as many sex toys as possible, we give our members the very BEST VALUE by setting a high standard for all inclusions.

Act of History

They can move to areas of greater food availability as the desert blooms after local rainfall and can fly to faraway waterholes.