6 of the Best Couples Subscription Boxes

It’s 2019, so it’s inevitable that you and your SO will have periods of time that look like this: you guys are together, but you aren’t talking to each other much because you’re both more focused on whatever is on the screen in front of your face (texts, a random list of hilarious memes, an episode of The Office for the 167th time, whatever). Maybe it’s time to disconnect from the rest of the world to reconnect with your boo. Luckily for you, these subscription box companies don’t even require you to leave the house!

Crated with Love

If you’re bored AF binging Netflix and are looking to do something new for date night with Bae, look no further than this couples subscription box. Crated With Love is packed with fun, unique, spontaneous date night items that are sure to bring the spark back into your relationship.

And the cool thing is…

This box focuses on taking you and your SO out of your relationship rut by reintroducing a little laughter and romance! 

Crated with Love – $20-40 /month


Man kissing woman wearing matching MeUndies

This might be the cutest monthly subscription on the planet. For real. My girlfriend and I are long-time subscribers so I know what I’m talking about. You and your partner in crime will start by choosing the matching pattern you want to receive. Feeling indecisive? No prob, just opt to be surprised by the MeUndies team! 

And the cool thing is…

MeUndies offers a huge variety of underwear styles (bikini, high-waisted cheeky, boy shorts, thong, boxers, briefs, trucks, boxer briefs..told ya it was a huge variety!). They also offer sizes XS-4XL with the option to hit them up if you need a size outside of that range. Pretty badass, right?

MeUndies Matching Pair – $30 /month


Stack of colorful Birchboxes

I’m assuming that you’ve at least heard of Birchbox by now, but no judgement if not. Birchbox is an amazing beauty/grooming subscription. Each month, you will receive 5 personalized samples that are selected for your specific skin/hair type, beauty concerns, and other preferences.

And guess what else? They offer both a make and female option because everyone should be able to mix up their get-ready routine!

And the cool thing is…

If you decide you can’t live without any/all of the products you get, Birchbox makes it super easy to log in and treat yo self to more of your new fav. Every time you make an order, you earn points that you can cash in for discounts in the future.

Birchbox Grooming – $10 /month

Birchbox Beauty – $10 /month


Wanna know something crazy? Having fresh flowers on display at home has been linked to a decrease in depression and anxiety. It’s almost too simple, but it’s true. In fact, studies show that having flowers in your home can increase not just your happiness, but also the emotional contact you share with friends and family(Pssst! That includes your partner.) 

BloomsyBox prides itself on being truly “Farm to Table” and partners with sustainable farms around the world. Instead of sending you the same old cliche mixed bouquet, you’ll get super chic hand-tied bunches. And each flower is fresh..as in handpicked and cut only 2-4 days before arriving at your home! 

And the cool thing is…

Your subscription gives you a TON of options! You get to choose between different price points, as well as decide if you want a delivery weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  BloomyBox couldn’t make it easier to find something perfect for babe.

Bloomsy Box – $40 – 55 /month

Candy Club

Candy Club Box

Remember when you were a kid, and you weren’t allowed to have candy any time your little heart desired? Well, those days are long gone! (P.S. You’re an adult now!) 

If you and your sweetie never grew out of your sweet tooth, brace yourselves. Candy Club is about to make your childhood dreams a reality, one month at a time. Each box features an assortment of fresh, premium-quality treats delivered right to your door. Honestly, you had me at candy.

And the cool thing is…

Not only do they offer some new treats for you to try: You can opt to receive some nostalgic throwbacks instead! Now that’s sweet.

Candy Club – $30 – 45 /month

Candy Club – $30 – 45 /month

Fadoodle Box

Not all subscription boxes are sexy, but this one sure as hell is! Fadoodle Box is a monthly adult subscription box for couples. The company strives to be more than just a sex toy box (probably because there is more to your relationship than just sex…).

The team at Fadoodle Box takes the approach that sharing experiences is a must for strengthening the bond in modern-day relationships.

That’s why each box is carefully curated to your preferences and with the goal of increasing true intimacy between you and your main squeeze. Getting to know and appreciate each other on all levels (emotional, mental, and physical too!). More than you ever thought possible!

And the cool thing is…

It’s a given that sex is the amaze-balls, but Fadoodle Box won’t shy away from the health aspect of sex either. So your subscription also includes sexual wellness things (wipes, pH balancing items, etc.) to keep your downstairs on point.

Fadoodle Box – $40 – 60 /month

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