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First box came with 5 items all of which we will be using so excited for next month's box

- Katelyn

Everything in the box was more than i expected! Absolutely love it. And my boyfriend does too! :)

- Autumn

The other day I received my Fadoodle box, it was well put together, and I would more then likely recommend it to any other couples looking for some spice.

- Janelle
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Sexual Wellness

We believe that the health and wellness aspects of sex can't be ignored.

If you're with the right person, it brings out the best version of you.


Our Boxes

Relationships are give and take, especially between the sheets. So tonight prepare to give and receive sexual pleasure that will leave you breathless! Our Partner Boxes are perfect for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation and/or lifestyle.

Maybe you desire to rekindle the sizzling flame of passion that you share with your other half. Possibly you need a passionate night of sensual massaging, foreplay and love making. Or frankly, you just need to experience some toe-tingling, blissful sex with your sexy partner.

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Your first box is designed to get you started on your Fadoodle Journey and Each of the following boxes will contain a unique focus on products that best fit within the monthly theme. In general, we include 1-3 sex toys, 1-2 lubes or cremes and 1-2 additional items that range from sexy games to sex hygiene products.
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Sex Toys
  • Vibrators
  • C-Rings
  • Male Strokers
  • Dildo's
Play Items
Fantasy Toys
  • Masks
  • Handcuffs
  • Paddles
  • DBooks & Games
Liquids and creams
Liquids & Creams
  • Lubes
  • Creams
  • Massage Oils
  • Yummy Edible Items
Your 1st box will be charged upon placing your initial order. The monthly renewal charge will happen on the 1st of each month.

We ship our boxes on the 15th of each month. Therefore, if you sign up today, your first box would ship on:

Renewal: April 1st
Cut Off: April 10th
Ship: April 15th
We ship each monthly renewal box on the 15th of each month
While it does not happen frequently, if any of your products arrive severely damaged, broken or not functioning properly - please contact us as soon as possible.
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Everyone deserves the benefits of sexual exploration – we provide the tools.
Fadoodle Box

A business combines the talents, passions, experience and growth of it’s people in order to make an impact on the world. As each individual team member evolves, so does the entire organization. Fadoodle Box was founded in the Summer of 2016, as a traditional online e-commerce business, with a focus on promoting the health benefits of sexual pleasure. Since then has transformed into a much more exciting subscription box service. This new business model provides the opportunity for our team member to combine their individual creativity and passions to create beneficial experiences for our subscribers.

At Fadoodle Box, we strive to consistently provide each of our customers with the highest valued products in terms on quality, price and sustainability. We take pride in our creative solutions as our business grows and our customer base is more and more diversified. Each of our team members, including the original founders, are passionate about providing products to all individuals, regardless of sexual orientations, preferences and lifestyles. Our all inclusive goal is to meet individuals in the middle and provide products that align with various comfort levels, as well as some that push them into new territories that may have otherwise gone undiscovered. We approach the business as a lifelong journey and invite our customers to join us in sexual growth and exploration that can change their lives for the better!