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Dedicated to Discretion

No matter how exciting the products inside, the outside of your packages will arrive in a plain box with a return address from "Redamancy, LLC". So no need to answer questions from nosey neighbors!

Customized Approach

Complete your Fadoodle Profile and we will use your responses to build a box unique to you.

Sexual Wellness

Everybody knows that sex is fun and includes the exploration of fantasies and intimacy. PLUS it feels amazing! However at Fadoodle, we believe that the health and wellness aspects of sex can't be ignored.

Partner Boxes

Partner Box - Fadoodle Box

Partner Box

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Partner Plus Box - Fadoodle Box

Partner Plus Box

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Solo Boxes

Her Play - Fadoodle Box

Solo Box - For Her

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Solo Box - For Him

Solo Box - For Him

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Decisions, Decisions

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*Not ready for another commitment? Our boxes can also be purchased as a one-time order, which makes the perfect gift!

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Your first box will be sent your way within 5 business days. Subsequent monthly boxes will be sent out on the 15th of each month.

Step 3

The Best Part

Open your box and enjoy! Explore your products either with a partner or solo, and don't forget to have fun. After all, isn't that what this is all about?

Questions Answered

What types of products are included?
How does the billing work?
When will I receive my 1st box?
When will I receive the newest box each month?
What if something is broken in my box?

Box Contents

1 - 2 TOYS

Male Strokers

2-3 Liquids, Creams or Gels

Massage Oils
Yummy Edible Items

1 - 3 Fantasy Toys


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